#3matthewbob says

Collaboration makes Art!

One of my favorite memories of the early Bobs was getting Richard into the group. Gunnar and I knew that having a real bass in the group would be the best . So we placed an ad in the local free paper, "Bass singer wanted for New Wave Acapella group" Richard was the only person ever to call. We actually had him come in and kind of "Audition". I had auditioned a lot as an actor and a few times as a director but never for a music group. We just sang some songs together. Doo Wop version of Proud Mary and others. Then he left. Gunnar and I are like well he's good and knows all about recording, but lets wait to see some more bass singers before we decide. A week passes, No more bass singers have called. I am the one who calls Richard back,by the way he sounds like God on the phone, and tell him he has been chosen, Ha!

About a year or so later I was telling this story on a radio station appearance somewhere on the East coast and I will always remember the look on Richards normally hard to read face.