Matthewbob says

And yet all good things end for some reason and the field of singing gorillas and super heroes put our Phillip Morris dressed people out of business. Now, luckily Gunnar and I both are living in Berkeley. One day there were phone calls. Either I called Gunnar or he called me, I don't remember but a get together was planned to talk about a way to sing together. Again serendipity plays a roll in the life of The Bobs. Both of us had recently seen a trio singing accapella, The Baltimore's,  a Do Wop sort of group and tons of fun!  I came with the idea that we should not sing old Do-Wop songs and should not try to be like The Persuasions, who would always be better at it. I suggested modern songs with Do -Wop style A La Godfrey Daniels. Gunnar took it to the next step and brought out his accapella idea for Psycho Killer by the Talking Heads straight up! Looking back its great to see the progression of collaboration that brought The Bobs into being.