Matthewbob says

Now where was I, Oh Yeah!

The three of us begin putting together material. My contribution to this is suggesting songs and artists. Merle Travis was on my radar at the time so he is one of my suggestions. Remember I'm an actor not a musician right now, so I am looking for quirky, funny, Firesign Theater stuff. "That Fat Gal of Mine" is the name of a tune I throw out.  So I think you can start to see how The Bobs are going to roll.  We're doing "Baby Snakes" and Lonesome Cowboy Burt" by Zappa all the way to "I've been Lonely too Long" by The Animals and don't forget "That Fat Gal of Mine". Our first semi-official performance is at an open mic at a Cuban restaurant in Berkeley, Ca.

12 flamenco guitarists and The Bobs, we were a great success, by default.