#5 Matthewbob says

Now where was I,

Oh Yeah. Birthdays, weddings ,receptions, other free gigs and a couple of opening act spots were what came next. We were all working other gigs so it didn't matter, all just for fun!

We hadn't really decided on the name at this point. The Oral Bobs and almost Sansa-Band. You have to be old enough to get that joke. One wedding reception was the exception! The couple had hired 2 musical acts. The Bobs and The Cheap Suit Serenaders with R Crumb and R Armstrong. Wow what a double bill. Two very quirky groups made for each other. The picture is our first promotional shot. You can't really see but we are all wearing blue trench coats I got at the Army/Navy store with BOB embroidered on the front, very classy!