Matthew Bob Says

1st installment:

The Bobs started as an idea based on my college years. I was studying acting and directing and there was a wonderful weird group named Godfrey Daniels! A group of us theater types thought they were great and off the wall. Their thing was taking well know familiar hits at the time, late 60's , and giving them a doo wop sound. Proud Mary, Hey Jude and Purple Haze are an example. Us theater geeks would learn these tunes and sing them accapella at parties. Fast forward 6 years finds me in San Francisco, working as an actor and paying my rent with Singing Telegrams. This is where Gunnar Madsen comes into the story. Gunnar is a local musician trying to make ends meet with singing telegrams as well. We both worked for Tim Curry at Western Onion Singing Telegrams! What an odd, fun and humorous way to make a living.