Matthewbob says #8

Now where was I ? oh yeah,

So now we are a regular feature at the club and we are starting to sound good. Gunnar and Richard start writing and arranging new tunes. The first one they tackle is Helter Skelter by The Beatles. I was totally amazed at what they came up with and we learned the tune and did our first recording to preserve it. We started to perform the tune at Earl's and people went nuts!  I had a couple of friends who had a record company, Kaleidoscope records, and I invited them to one of our shows with the hope they would be interested in producing out first record. They were and our first record The Bobs was released in 1984. It was kind of a hit because no onehad ever heard an accapella band before like us. That arrangement of Helter Skelter gave Richard and Gunnar a Grammy nomination for best vocal arrangement. They didn't win, that went to The Pointer Sisters, but for years and years later people would tell me how they had to pull over to the side of the road when that tune of ours came on the radio.