Matthewbob says, OH YEAH!!

The Bobs pack it in! Yes, The Bobs are calling it a wrap. After 33 years, really if you have been reading the blog at all you know it's been longer, we are having are farewell tour. Is this the end and the earth cracks open to swallow us whole? No, we're just moving on. Artists sometime do this. We change what we want to do. Are inspired or drawn to a new project. Richard is pursuing the Duet thing with Dan and Angie. Dan has moved to Minnesota. Richard and Nell are moving back to Richard's family farm in Virginia. I have another band already called Sweet Spot Combo, I play the drums while singing. But I haven't finished my blog yet so I will be here continuing the story of The Bobs and other musical things. Plus we have paid for the website for the next 10 years. I get bored easy so it will keep me busy. There will be archived shows to hear and see so stay tuned were not dead!