Number 13 please

The record(vinyl) comes out and does very well! The arrangement by Gunnar and Richard of a Beatles song , Helter Skelter is Great! and receives a Grammy Nomination for best arrangement. 

We don't win? That goes to The Pointer Sisters with " Automatic" a real good tune.

1984/85 Our First manager, Tom Bradshaw, owner of The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. He brings on our first booking agent, Scott O'Malley and off we go! People are intrigued and interested in the sound. We travel, a lot. We open for big names, a lot, we perform at a lot of festivals. We are loved, at least by the stage managers and crew.

They have just coordinated the un-packing of three semi's for the Lyle Lovett Big Band and we walk up with 4 microphones and say, "that's all we have". Oh Yeah, momentary love.