#12 NWWI? Oh Yeah,

1984, Not Orwellian just the 1st OFFICIAL date of The Bobs.  We're playing all around the Bay Area from Santa Cruz to Davis. The release on Kaleidoscope records of "The Bobs". The record company was owned by two friends Tom Diamant and Jeff Alexson. They had gained some fame for re-issuing the Bobs Wills Tiffany Collection and I asked them if they would be interested and they said yes! Beth Weill did the original album cover, still cool.

Backing up a bit. Gunnar and Richard had started writing original tunes and that was going to dominate the 1st record. We had recorded it late at night at the Russian Hill Studios. Richard was working there as a recording engineer and producer. Usually starting after 10PM we would meet up in San Francisco at the studio and record for 3 to 5 hours. We all had day jobs at the time. Mine? Short Order cook at the Giant Hamburger on the north side of campus, my shift was 6am to 2pm. Ouch!