#15 Matthewbob says

Now where was I? 1986 really our first gigs outside of California. We went East and played The Iron Horse in North Hampton, Mass. and also another famous club The Town Crier, The owner Phil Ciganer would become a life long friend both personally and for The Bobs. Both of these clubs were stars on our circuit. We share the stage with the likes of Albert King to The Flying Karamazov Brothers. 1986 was also the trip to Scotland for the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh. Nancy Covey and Richard Thompson spoke up for us and we got a great spot in a great venue The Assembly Hall. Three weeks ,five days a week plus trips to Glasgow for BBC Scotland appearances. You learn a lot about performing when you are working night after night. Both Gunnar and I got sick during that run, but still had to perform. The one I got was one of those high fever things. I had been sick for a day or two and I remember felling very woozy when I woke up that day. It was the last show of the week and I have this very surreal memory of leaving the apartment, which was only a couple block  from the venue. I remember being back stage and then walking out and looking out at the audience. Whoa, hallucinating, pulsating, out of time audience .I really don't know how I sang or performed that night. My only other memory of that day is my room and waking up the next day in my cloths.

Now there were other good adventures in Scotland on this trip. Next time Richardbob and Matthewbob go out to the local pubs.