Matthew Bobs’ Summer

           It has been an eventful summer. My son Duncan is getting ready for College. Hard to believe that he was once the young boy on stage singing a Christmas song with The Bobs. He has spent the summer in Europe in a German language intensive at Freiburg University in Germany, a beautiful university town like any university town except it was founded in 1451. The Bobs have even played there!  Before he left he adopted a sweet kitten with one blue eye and one yellow eye and named her Midori.  

The sad news was the loss of our Best of Breed hound dog Emma, who in her typical stubborn fashion past away while The Bobs were on tour.  She had out lived all the vet’s expectations for a large dog and was just 4 months shy of her 19th birthday. The entire neighborhood misses her.

My lovely wife continues to paint and her unique artist residency here in Seattle is in its 3rd year. Eleven other fantastic artists join her in the Duwamish River Residency. A famous river here in Seattle that is named after a local tribe that has never been recognized by the US government, Unbelievable!!

Myself, while at home continue to sing and perform locally with anyone who will have me. Currently I am singing and performing with 3 friends doing 20’s and 30’s swing jazz a la the Mills Brothers and Ink Spots and others. The quartet still has no name so I guess we’ll need to remedy that. Any Suggestions would be welcomed!

Seattle has had an unusual hot and dry summer, which has made my garden do wonderful and expansive things. Anyone want some Italian plums? I think the tree must have a 1000 plums ripening.  Off to do some watering now.

Hope to see the fans soon and wish you all to have a great time with what summer is left!